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Studio Policies

Welcome to Music Makerz KW

Music Makerz has transitioned to a tuition-based annual package as of September 2020. This new tuition package saves worry around cancelled and rescheduled lessons as they are already built in!

Please read the entire policy carefully in order to determine what this means for you and let me know of any questions that may arise.

Studio tuition is inclusive of the term spanning September 14, 2020 – June 25, 2021. The studio will be open for 38 weeks during this time frame.

What does your tuition/studio membership include?

  • Continued focus on training in piano/vocal/ instrumental technique of genres you want to sing or play.
  • Cross-training in different genres to build versatility and overall technique and experience.
  • Building musicianship skills
  • Emphasis on developing your chosen repertoire
  • Strengthening your performance skills
  • Participation in the 2 Studio Recital
  • Participation in the 2 new online or in-person Masterclasses, over 10 months.
  • 34 Lessons

What does it NOT include:

  • The tuition fee does not include music books, sheet music, accompanist fees, or fees paid for festivals or examinations.

An Important Note on Cancellations, Rescheduling and Tuition Fees

You are not just paying for studio time. You are investing in your goals and your process. Goals and process require more than just a weekly meeting. They require time together and apart, with a shared vision.

Your weekly face-to-face session time is the tool we use to pursue your goals, and develop your process.

Since there is work being done on your behalf outside of our sessions, your monthly retainer remains the same whether or not we have our scheduled face-to-face sessions.

If you need to cancel, no worries! Just cancel your lesson in the MyMusicStaff portal or notify the studio at your earliest convenience. The retainer remains the same should we have face-to-face, or online sessions, or not. Rest assured, your tuition is always working for you! I continue to invest time and money outside of our lesson time on things like repertoire research and development, purchasing materials, and professional development.

An Important Note About the Number of Tuition Weeks Scheduled:

Students are scheduled for 38 lessons instead of only 34. The additional weeks are a bonus to you, as a thank you for your extended commitment to lessons with this 10-month package. This means if one of us has to cancel, there is no need for reschedules or make-ups.

Put another way, you are investing in about 34 sessions over 41 weeks (with studio closures), but if we have used up your 34 lessons and there are still weeks left in the tuition year, you get bonus time!

It is the studio’s expectation that you would take advantage of as many weeks as possible! With exceptions for ‘more than mild’ illness, holidays, tech weeks, and travel, the studio expects to see you weekly.

Flex weeks are for both of us. I will try my best not to use any, but it’s always possible I will need to cancel for illness or emergency. …hence the extra lessons built in!

Music Makerz Studio will be closed on the following dates:

Thanksgiving – Oct. 12, 2020
Winter Break – Dec 19, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021
Family Day – Feb. 15, 2021
March break – (tentatively Mar. 13 – 21)
Good Friday and Easter weekend – April 2-5, 2021
Victoria Day – May 24, 2021

Payment Policies

Tuition may be paid in one of two ways:

  • in monthly installments, due on 1st day of the month.
  • in 2 installments, due September 1, 2020 and January 22, 2021

New feature: MyMusicStaff can now take credit cards directly! Input your credit card information into your MyMusicStaff profile and you can set your account up for auto-pay.

It is requested that payments made monthly be done so via auto-pay, Paypal or etransfer. Payments made in 2 installments may be made via Paypal, e-transfer, cheque, or cash.


Please use text only for last minute cancellations / emergencies. For more detailed questions, kindly send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hrs.

Illness in the Studio

If you or a family member have a contagious illness, please do not come in person to the studio. Instead, use one of these options:

  1. If you attend in-person and are sick, just text or email me to set up a Zoom lesson instead. Your lesson will happen at your usual time and we can make use of this time by working on all sorts of music related things!
  2. Cancel your lesson in the MyMusicStaff student portal or email/text for last minute emergencies.

Zoom Lessons

A Zoom Lesson may be substituted at any time for coming in person! Consider this solution for avoiding a lesson cancellation when contagious illness might keep you from coming in person, or when a scheduling conflict might not allow for travel time.

Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, lessons will be taught online via Zoom at your regular lesson time.


If a student is running late, the lesson cannot be extended past the regular end time. A text/email is appreciated if you are running late.

Discontinuing lessons

Your lesson time is reserved for you from September to June. If you decide that you are unable to continue lessons, the studio requests that you give at least 3 week’s notice. There are no refunds or credits for lessons missed or cancelled.

My Music Staff

The My Music Staff Student Portal can be accessed using the login information you have been provided with. If you cannot find this information, please send an email to Check it out to look up your personal lesson times, Zoom links, lesson notes, payment details, and other
important studio information. The login widget can be found here: