Music Makerz

We offer an innovative, foundational approach and encourage your budding pianist to actually understand music. Our beginner 30 min piano lessons are designed for students with little to no piano experience and who want to learn the basics of music theory and keyboard skills. 

For our students who have already been practicing the piano for several years, we offer skill and technique improvement while introducing students to classical, jazz and modern music, through method books, and the Elementary RCM exam program.

We will guide and foster our advanced students in a range of different musical styles including: classical, pop, jazz and musical theatre. We also prepare students Intermediate piano exams, music school auditions, recitals, and competitions. 

Lessons & Classes

Music Makerz

Beginning Piano Lessons
30 minute lesson
$ 32 per lesson
  • Keyboard Geography
  • Rhythm & Notation
  • Aural Training Through Games

Music Makerz 2

Intermediate Lessons
45 minute lesson
$ 47 per lesson
  • Skill improvement & development
  • Elementary RCM program
  • Intro to classical, jazz, modern music

Music Makerz 3

Advanced Piano Lessons
55 minute lesson
$ 62 per lesson
  • Refine technique
  • Prepare for exams, auditions, competitions
  • Pop, jazz, musical theatre

Group & Choral

Duets & Accompianment
45 minute lesson
$ 47 per lesson
  • Prepare for auditions & competitions
  • Multiple instruments
  • Musical variety