Music Makerz

Ukulele means “jumping flea”!

No matter how you choose to say it, you’ll love learning to play this fun and cheerful-sounding instrument!

Whether you want to learn the technical side of scales, sight-reading, picking and improvisation, or you want to play around the campfire, we can help you reach your ukulele playing goals. Our private and group lessons explore tuning, chords, tabbing and picking. Books are included in the cost of lessons. Your own ukulele is required.

Music is taught by ear or by using chord/lyric sheets or tablature. Classes available for ages 7-adult.

Lessons & Classes


30 minute lesson
$ 32 per lesson
  • Learn 7 basic chords and tabbing
  • Learn more major and minor scales and chords
  • Learn popular songs, with tabbing and chording


45 minute lesson
$ 47 per lesson
  • Learn the Circle of Fifths & key signatures
  • Learn strumming patterns and "tabbing" intros to songs
  • Source your own tablatures online & play more advanced songs


45 minute lesson
$ 47 per lesson
  • Small class sizes: 3-5 students per class
  • Learn the basics of ukulele in a group setting.
  • Sing & play songs together, and perform together at recitals